Freeze on animation start, when very high FPS V8

Heya, I am struggling with a problem for couple days now and finally got enough information to file a bug report.

The problem:
If I start an animation (usually pressing 4, but any form of starting an animation results in this behavior), Promotion will freeze on me unexpectedly and I have to force close it, losing progress and session information.

It doesn’t happen with all Projects, but the one that it happens a lot in, is a 576x528 image (no tiles).
What I see is, that it somehow sets the animation speed to 100FPS (or maybe higher, it’s just what shows). Once I try to animate then, Promotion just freezes.
If I reset it back to 4FPS, then everything is perfectly fine again.

I’m moving out and into the window a lot and use keybinds to move frames (1 and 2), which, when it recognizes the window wrongly, results in setting the framerate pretty often.
Thus then leading to the 100FPS and Promotion pretty much simply freezing on me.

Promotion version is v8.0.4
Windows is Windows 10 22H2

CPU and graphics card should be decent enough to handle 100FPS without freezing (I’d at least presume)

Makes sense, even though 100FPS is higher than usual, but the image size is fairly small. I wonder whether PM exploits the GPU for animations, or whether it relies on the CPU instead. Probably the latter, since the graphics involved are usually not huge in resolution nor palette colors, and GPU processing would involve different drivers and standards (possibly limiting support).

In any case, freezing is not an option — instead, it should fallback on the maximum supported FPS.

Hi @MaxineRed ,

sorry for this late reply. I can not duplicate any freezing. I just set up to 200 fps.
Can you maybe send one of the problematic projects to me at
Maybe I can duplicate it with such a special project.


I just tried it with one of the projects, I had the issue with before, and couldn’t reproduce it myself.

If it pops up again, I send you that project file, so you can see what is wrong, potentially.

But for now, it’s gone at least. Or at least I don’t know how to reproduce it anymore.

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So, I got it with another project file.
This one completely differnt than the other one (last one was a shared tile animation, this is a single project image animation)

Also just lost a bunch of work done…

Anyway, I got a file, that seems to reliably freeze now, so I am sending it to your email

Hi @MaxineRed,

I did not receive the file. Can you please try again?

Thank you,

Hi @MaxineRed,

nevermind. Just found it. It was filtered as Spam :slight_smile:
Also, I can make the problem happen here. Should be fixed with next update.


Fixed with upcoming 8.0.7

Thank you very much! I found a workaround so far, but also glad it’s fixed. You do a great job!