FX in groups, it would be useful!

Often when drawing a sprite you have to add an outline. And the FX layer helps out with this very much. But it would be that much better if you could make a group of your layers that defined your sprite and make an outline for the whole group. Please consider this request. thank you for the awesome program you have created thus far.

Completely understood, but this is quite complex to add. I can only suggest to create a copy of a project, merge the layers, add the outline and export it.

great suggestion Jan@cosmigo I didn’t think of that. but what’s the difference between a project saved as or a project saved as a copy?

Just that you keep your layers intact in your original file. The copy is only used to do the step of merging the layers so that you can define the FX to for the merged result.
If course you could merge in the original, apply the effect, export to a file and then undo the merge.