Gif shows incorrect palette

I have a gif that shows the incorrect palette when imported… One of the colours is white (colour 1 I think)… when this is saved back out everything looks normal again…

When saved back to disk the palette saves normally

Am I doing something wrong here? or is this a bug? DPaint used to do this back in the day but that was because it had a restricted palette on the Amiga… I dont think this is the case here? :wink:

Here’s how it looks when saved BubblesNormal

Here’s the gif in question. bubbles

Ive just installed and loaded this on a ten year old version of Pro Motion with similar results… The white colour shows in the edit window but not the smaller version top right… I didnt try saving with that version… This really does look like a bug to me, unless ive completely missed something.

Hope you can help!


it’s the same problem as described here: Color missing on gif import

Please double click on the layer and remove the transparent color by selecting “opaque”.


Fixed with the upcoming release (7.2)