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Golden Ratio Templates


I’ve added to the Pro Motion Assets project some PM templates providing golden ratio division lines of the canvas in trasparent layers:

Screenshot of Golden Ratio Template

About the Golden Ratio Templates

The templates in this folder provide useful visual guidelines for designing graphics according to the golden ratio — aka golden mean, golden section and divine proportion — by providing various golden ratio grids in transparent layers.

I’ll be adding differently sized templates, trying to cover commonly used image widths, because scaling the templates would ruin the pixel-perfect quality of their lines. This is not as practical a solution as working with the original Golden Sections plugin, but since it’s not available for Pro Motion this compromise is better than nothing.

The Golden Sections Plugin

The golden ratio layer images where created using the Golden Sections Photoshop plugin, which is an extremely flexible tool that produces pixel-perfect lines, which work exceptionally well with pixel art.

The Golden Sections plugin offers additional functionality for harmonius divisions of space beside the golden ratio (rule of thirds, harmonious triangles, and midpoints diagonals) which are not covered here. If you work also with Photoshop I strongly advice purchasing this plugin for it’s invaluable in any type of design, and can easily be used in conjuction with Pro Motion by exporting the created golden ratio divisions as transparent PNGs.

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Thank you, these are really useful, great links too - very informative.