Gradient between two different colours?

Is there a way to quickly do this?


Hello YoureCreator welcome to ProMotion NG! If you spend any time you will realize that PMNG is far surperior when drawing pixel art than any other pixel pusher even in 3d and that’s something you just won’t get with any other program. I hope this tutorial will give you the information you need for your project. best of luck!

I love Promotion and will be using it on my youtube channel because I want everyone to use it! Thankyou for that, but it’s not what I was after, I want to have all the colours to select in between those two colours so I can pick those colours palette style then use.

The above palette allows me to draw scenic backgrounds to fade into the atmosphere. The closest hills will be the greener colours at the bottom and as they go back into the distance I will pick colours further up on that palette


I hope this is what you were trying to do I have no idea why it’s pink instead of green but the concept is still solid. Good luck with your project

Yes that’s the one, thankyou for that!

There is also a quick ramp mode in the RGB/HSL editors.
Just click on a color, hit “R” and you get a cross hair. Click on a target color to ramp to.
Use “S” in the same way to swap two colors:

quick ramp