• jan@cosmigo.com

Gradient saving


I really wish gradients that i make were saved with the palette or as gradient reference file with all of them. unless i’m doing something stupid, it seems if i define 20-30 gradients for a project (which is normal for the way i’ve come to work), the only way to reuse them is by having a template file rather than being able to load them with the palette. but supposedly i switch pallette mid-project or use more than one, i have to make every single one again, which is conceptual torture :smiley:


Understood. Should be simple to include. Added to my list, but can’t say when it will be done. Let’s see :wink:


thank you for considering this!!!


I was about to ask if this existed somewhere.
But yeah, I keep on creating the same gradient.
I wish there was a way to load and add in a gradient or a gradient set.