Gradient tool issue

I’m not sure if this is something I’m doing wrong or this feature doesn’t exist. The gradient tool has a list of modes but not one of them lets you create a gradient from point A to point B. What I’m asking is a gradient mode that:

  • follows the direction from point A to point B
  • starts from colour A and finishes at colour B
  • doesn’t repeat/tile but holds first colur then moves through gradient then holds last colour.

Uhm, yes, you are right. I never noticed that to be missing. The current mode just fill the complete object. You can’t limit between certain positions. Added this to my list of required features.

In the meantime here’s a workaround if you haven’t figured that out: Mask the area you want to fill with gradient, then use gradient tool.

Jan.cosmigo - thanks. :slight_smile:

darkhog - I’ll give the gradient mask a go.:+1: