Gradients flip not remembered

After saving, closing, and re-opening a project file, the gradients I chose to flip (SHIFT+Q or use “Flip” from the Functions dropdown in the Gradient Editor window) get flipped back to their original state.

This means I have to flip them all again, every session.

In order to use Multi Shade mode, I need all my gradients to be dark on left and light on right.
This way, while using Multi Shade, left click will lighten and right click will darken.
If my gradients are randomly both dark to light and light to dark, then I of course get very wonky results when using Multi Shade and it hurts more than it helps.

When it works predictably, it’s massively useful.

Functions dropdown > Clear will undo flipping. I’m not sure why a gradient needs to remember that it’s been flipped.
When viewing the raw gradient info in a project preset file (*.cfg), there is no “flip” bool stored.

I haven’t work with gradients in Pro Motion a whole lot yet, but it’s confusing that they don’t stay the way I left them when I saved the file, and it imposes a little extra tedium on me to repeat flipping the ones that need flipped, each session.

Fixed with 7.2.5 (pending update)