Gradients with shared colours vs multi shade

Hi all,
I’m a DPaint / Brilliance / promotion user from way back, just upgraded to Promotion NG for a new project and joined these forums recently.

The project I’m working on has some really specific and unusual colour requirements of my own devising, working with 4444 RGBA is one of them, which means only colours like #112233 are allowed, #182838 is a no-no. I’ve set up a nice palette, the restrictions actually have some nice side effects when it comes to gradients. I was setting up these gradients when I ran into a problem.

The palette is laid out with ramps of different hues dark to light, similar to the auto generator palettes, but a side effect of my colour restrictions means that most gradients share colours, eg every gradient starts at black and ends at white, but they might go through red or orange or grey to get there. The orange gradient shares several palette entries with red at the dark end, and shares with yellow near the white end.

Now, I like to use multishade, or just the [ and ] keys to step through colours, and with a standard palette and gradient that works fine, but obviously I run into problems with my fancy gradient setup, the [ and ] keys no longer access the full range, and with multishade - if I go too dark or too light so that it’s using a shared colour, then later try to bring a pixel back to the mid range, it can come back in the wrong gradient.

It’s not a big deal, I’m just wondering since I’m new to NG, if anyone else has bumped against this, and if there’s any tips or tricks for working around it.

I need to ask back:
The gradients you have, do they use linear color indices from the palette such as 8,9,10,11,12 or do they use something like 254,9,10,11,255 because 254 is your dark and 255 your light color (black/white) you use in every gradient?

But maybe this reveals the problem:
[ and ] don’t cycle through gradient colors but through the color palette entries. Thinking about it I wonder why I did not include shortcuts that cycle through the gradient :thinking: Added to my to-do list.

If I’m reading this correctly, i think i came across your issue about multishading.

What you want to do is only activate/enable 1 gradient from your gradient list for multi-shade mode. Otherwise, it will jump from one gradient to another if there is more than one gradient set that uses one color/index.

I hope it’s what you’re looking for.

Haha, cageburner, that is it exactly, now i feel stupid for not thinking of it! Thanks mate. :slight_smile:

Jan, yes they’re all over the place, black is 1, white 16, red is 1,17 thru 43,16. Orange is 1, 17 thru 22,44 thru 59,16 and so on…