Great stuff here(and question)

Hi, new guy here. I just bought the newest version when I realized the beta for the next version is already out. Though I’m just learning this beast of a program, I can say that so far the beta is running fine on my Win10 comp. I’m blown away! And the price/upgrade is very reasonable. I understand that I get version 8 as a free upgrade, thanks. 1 question: what does the upgrade cover, version wise? I’m thinking of getting an upgrade soon, even if I don’t need it, as $19 is cheap. Consider it a donation perhaps. Good day-


thanks for your offer to pay for V8 again even if not required.
Actually there is no real definition about when an upgrade payment will be required in the future.
I just ask for an upgrade to NG (7+, est. 2015) when coming from any older version, but at the moment I don’t see the need for any more upgrade payments for the next couple of years.
Hope this helps.


Yep it helps. Looking at the changelog it looks like there’s much effort that went into it, not just some cosmetic changes. I’ll get the update/donation in a few weeks. Thanks for everything, Pro Motion goes above and beyond—