• jan@cosmigo.com

Grid lock toolbar indicator

Toolbar has a button we can use to toggle grid lock. It also informs us whether or not grid lock is on, via the button’s state.
I find this visual indicator so useful that I went ahead and modified mine to be even more obvious -

^ I’m using “Paint” mode and grid lock is currently on and the toolbar says it’s on. Everything is well.

But now grid lock indicator shows as being off no matter what, if using “Selection” mode (even though it’s still on) -

I use selection mode and grid lock very often. Despite what the toolbar is telling me, grid lock is definitely still active, as it should be.
Using grid lock AND selection mode at the same time is incredibly useful, so arbitrarily toggling grid lock off if selection made is in use is definitely undesirable, so I hope that isn’t the intent.

Will try to check and fix with 7.3

This is fixed with 7.3