Grid Unification

Currently Pro Motion has three distinct grid systems:

  • Lock grid
  • Zoom grid
  • Tile grid (tilemap projects only)

I found it all rather confusing at first. Still often mix up toggling Lock Grid and Zoom Grid. It’d be nice if they could be unified and simplified:

  • Grid list in Lock Grid settings tab, similar to one in Zoom Grid dialog
  • Any number of grids in list can be marked as visible
  • Any grid in list can be marked as snapping (probably only one at a time though?)
  • Keep Zoom Grid dialog for creating/editing grids
  • Tilemap projects always have one permanent, unalterable grid matching tile size
  • One command for toggling visibility of all grids marked as visible
  • One command for toggling snapping of grid marked as snapping
  • Maybe another hotkey-only command for toggling both at once (toggle snapping copy snapping state to visibility)
  • Tilemap pick/place mode would only snap to grids sized to multiple of tile size (multi-tile snapping handy for working with metatiles)
  • Rename all grids to just “Grid”

Some extra grid niceties:

  • Alpha transparency for grid lines so they can be visible but not overpowering, particularly valuable when have multiple grids active at once (eg. could use one opaque grid for metatile grid and one subtle mostly transparent grid for individual tiles)
  • Grid transparency checkerboard pattern, either checkerboard fit to grid or grid-size checkerboard modulate regular checkerboard (would show grid without drawing over nontransparent pixels)
  • Vertex dot display option. Just draws a dot at each grid vertex rather than full grid lines. Again, reduces the power of the grid markings

Seems you are in idea creation mode lately :slight_smile:
I really like this idea and it could indeed work, although there are some UI things that could make all this difficult to control, but let’s see. I also added this to the internal issue tracker.