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Halftone editor.....Please help

Hi I’m here on a project and for the life of me I can’t get the halftone editor to work at all I’ve made my image and it is all white and black. I’ve made 2 copies one is native promotion format the other .PNG I’ve made sure that the directory is pointing to the correct one. I’ve made the file a divisible by 8. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can you please show the image you created and describe in detail what you are doing and what’s not working as expected?
Does the image show in the selection dialog but it’s not working when you select i?
Or doesn’t it show in the list?
Can you attach the file?

brick(24x24) Here is the brick file.the image doesn’t show in the dialog and doesn’t show up when you select it.It doesn’t show up on the list either.the image is white and black I’ve made two copies one in native promotion and the other in PNG I’ve made sure that the directory is pointing to the correct one I’ve made the file divisible by 8.Not only that but it seems that I can’t put all of my dithering patterns in one place. Any help is greatly appreciated.

That pattern does not match the requirements. Please see Documentation | cosmigo

thank you for your help Jan@cosmigo I’ll see if I can fix it.

You need to differ between fixed transition patterns and scaling halftone patterns. They work very different, but the explanations in the docs should be clear to see how they work. If not then I’ll gladly improve the docs based on your input.