Halftone selector color & halftone preview window bg

Can we be enabled to set a different color for the halftone selector in “Tool & Paint Settings”?


The pain is when the color i want to paint with is close to the selector’s color.
The only workaround i have for now to get a distinction and contrast between the selector and the tone behind is choosing a different color in the palette and then going back to the color i want to stamp with.


Can we set a different background when previewing the halftone pattern? I’m having difficulty when the pattern i’m trying to preview mixes seamlessly with the transparency pattern bg.

Illustrated here:

It’s easy to recognize the pattern in the ss because it’s zoomed in. But normally in a 1080p monitor, this preview window is too small that you really can’t see the pattern at all. It’s even worse when playing with grayish and white-ish colors.
The 50% zoom of the illustration above is more it’s real world display size.

The display uses the two colors you select for drawing (foreground color / first color, “background color” / second color). The simplest thing would be that you select your second color as the contrast color you want to have (right click in the palette window or Ctrl + right click on a pixel)
Of course I can also add an option that used a predefined color instead of the transparency pattern if the second color that is currently selected is transparent. Should not be a problem. Could be stored with the project.
So would you need this despite of the workaround mentioned above?

I was blind. I wasn’t thinking it thoroughly. I’m sorry i took some of your time unnecessarily.

The workaround is actually perfect. For my part on this issue, you don’t need to work on anything.
Thanks Jan!

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