Having difficulty creating a drop shadow

Hello folks. I am using Pro Motion NG version I use GraphicsGale for now (until I get past the Pro Motion NG learning curve) to create 64x64 animation frames, and then use Pro Motion to order, check animation movement, and finally create sprite sheets. The frames use the common magenta color for transparency. My question - for the life of me I cannot figure out how to create a drop shadow for the character where I can control its opacity so the main background where the sprite is placed can be seen through the shadow. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Sally.
Have you tried turning on alpha transparency? You can do so by clicking the ‘A’ icon in the layers panel:

This will give you a black and white alpha channel you can edit to control the alpha of every pixel.
Color Picker tool can sample both color and alpha.

In the future, version8 will provide a live drop shadow effect akin to Photoshop: https://twitter.com/CosmigoPM/status/1507710050860683268

If feeling adventurous, v8 beta download here: Beta Version | cosmigo

Thank you for your feedback, Mathias. That worked! Looking forward to version 8!

Hi @Sally,

I indeed suggest to use V8 beta: Beta Version | cosmigo
It does not interfere with your “normal” version. You just unzip it into a folder of your choice. V8 has the typical selection tool set (floating selection + transformations) and also offers a drop shadow layer effect.