Hello Cosmigo Community: Newbie Artist Eager to Learn and Connect

Hey Community,

I am thrilled to join the vibrant Cosmigo Community. My name is Marcos and I am diving into the world of pixel art and animation with Cosmigo. This forum seems like an incredible space to connect with fellow artists, share insights and learn from each other’s experiences.

As a newbie, I am eager to explore everything this community has to offer. From tutorials to tips and tricks. I am excited to soak up knowledge and improve my skills. I am particularly interested in animation techniques and color theory.

Could someone guide me on how to navigate the forum ? Where’s the best place to ask questions or seek advice ? I can’t wait to start this journey and contribute to this fantastic community.

Looking forward to connecting with you all.


Hello macomen, you have got to check out the tutorials!

You will especially like the tutorial on colors gradients and halftone patterns. Really in this program you don’t need to know color thereory it does all of that for you. Just mastery of the tools that’s all

Diou Siayan covers sooooo! much of the program the tutorials arn’t done yet but hey they have a great start!

Also the best pixel art book that Ive read is at:

If you are interested to take ProMotion to it’s very limits and you want to learn how to draw in 3D I recomend


there you will be connected to everything you need to take advantage of Pro Motion NG’s 3D drawing tools.

Good luck you chose the right program!

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Hi @Morintari, I appreciate that you respond to my query and also thanks for sharing these resources.

np macomen! no problem at all.