Help Animating Tiles


I’m trying to create animated tiles and having a hard time at it. I’m following the directions located here:

It states:
“If you want to create a tile animation then you can attach a tile map project that has the map size of the object or tile you want to animate.
Now create as much frames (=maps) as you need for the animation and place the tiles there that you want to animate. Typically you will add the initial object into the first frame and then create copies of the object/tiles in subsequent frames using the duplicate mode. Now you can animate the object/tile easily and the different animation stages are separate tiles in the tile library.”

So I’m creating another tile map project, attaching it to the original project, placing the tile from the original project that I want to animate there, and animating it with different frames. Those different frames show up in the tile library of my original project as tiles, but nothing is animated in the original project. I have tried moving all of the individual tiles from the animation so that they are in order in my tile library, but there is still no animation.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Jeph,

indeed there is no way at the moment to animate the tiles in place within the tile map.

The support for tile animation as described in the primer is more a support function to create tiles that build an animation which is then used in a game.

What would you like to do with the tiles animating in place? Is it for preview purposes?


Yes, it would primarily be for preview purposes, so that I could see the animating tiles in the actual tile map.

I’m currently improving the tile mapping system, but I’m a bit out of time :frowning: So I don’t think that I can add in place animation with the current development turn. But I’ll add this to my list of feature wishes.

Hey I understand. It would definitely be neat down the line. Thanks again!