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Help with Resizing


I cannot seem to figure how to resize a 16x16 tileset to 48x48. I selected resize and it asked me the new size. Now all I have is a 48x48 grid with 16x16 tiles that don’t fill the 48x48 grid boxes. What am I missing here?


Hi @Triezen,

the easiest way:

  1. Turn it into a non-tile project (Tile Mapping -> Turn into ordinary Project)
  2. Turn it into Tile Map project again, giving the new tile size (Tile Mapping -> Turn Project into Tile Maps)
    Hope this helps.

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@jan.cosmigo Sounds like the intent is to actually scale the entire canvas up 3x so each 16x16 tiles becomes 48x48.


In this case step 1a. should be added using Frame - Resize along with “Scale Image” like “remove/duplicate Pixels” to scale the canvas to the desired size.


Yep there it is. I hadn’t tried doing this before. Nice.

PMNG can even antialias the pixel interpolation if you want.

So for 3x, we just need to do some quick math.
Would be very convenient if we could just type “300%” in the New Width and New Height fields, like Photoshop. But this works fine.


Yes, the resize dialog needs some rework concerning the size modifications. Is on my list. Mock ups are very welcome if you have some ideas to get all the options (the buttons) together. Also if some rewording is necessary, then suggestions are welcome.


I tried that and the biggest problem that I am having now, is that I will have half of a tile in one square with another half of another tile in that same square. The tiles are not lining up in the squares properly. I don’t want to have to go trying to reorganize every single square.


Can you create some image (screenshot with sketch) that shows what you have and what you want to achieve or what went wrong?
This will help to better understand and solve the problem.