• jan@cosmigo.com

Helper objects In animation


Now we all know that Single image layers are great for backgrounds! But did you know that you could use them for helper objects with or without the brush container! For example if you need to mark something because of the animation isn’t working quite right as you expected, you can use Single image layers for a helper object. In this case I used it with a grid. this helps me because I can mark the parts that are working and the parts that aren’t. Take for instance a waterfall in a game you can then use a single image layer to make a marker. The advantage of a single Image layer is it is the same on every layer and it appears on every layer automatically. I recommend using a grid when animating a waterfall. The brush container really helps with this as well! Make the square that shows grid quadrant is working blue and the one that shows the grid isn’t working red. Then analyze it,one by one moving down you can clearly tell which part of the animation if it’s working or not

. you can use this technique to get it working perfectly!