Holding Shift not resulting in straight lines

I’m using version

When holding down shift and using the paint tool or even the line tool it doesn’t lock it to horizontally or vertically for me. Under shortcuts I could not find anything pertaining to whether or not it may have been changed by mistake and resetting them to default did not resolve it, also doing a fresh install didn’t help either. I tested it in Pro Motion 6.5 and holding shift still works so maybe I’m just missing something?

After restarting the program a few times it appears to be functioning correctly now.

Hi @Marurun,

that’s weird. I’ve heard from user @nickwoz that it also does not work for him sometimes. But yet I don’t have an idea how to make it happen. If you can nail it down to some procedure then this would be great.


I’ve not been able to reproduce it with reliable steps but the shift key stops working randomly. I just have to work around it at home :frowning: sometimes it happens after the program is open for a bit and sometimes it just never works.

So weird because there isn’t much logic around that could depend on other things, especially not program up time :thinking: