How do I export an image/sprite sheet with transparency?

When I start a project I set the 0 index color to transparent but when I export as PNG or Bitmap it doesn’t seem to become transparent. I have to open it in gimp and add transparency to it. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @BraveOrakio,

BMP does not really support transparency. You would need to use “BMP - Sprite Sheet Bitmap 24/32 Bit” which uses alpha transparency. Same goes for “PNG - Sprite Sheet PNG 24/32 bit”.
If you don’t need 8 Bit color depth or don’t need small files than you could go with these.
8-Bit file types (indexed color) supporting transparency as well are “GIF - Compuserve” and “PNG - Sprite Sheet PNG”.


Is there any way to keep the transparency while flattening the layers? It seems the transparency works if I select the “each layer its own file” option but doesn’t when I flatten it

This usually works. Make sure that “Flatten to Background Color” is off:

Yup that worked thanks!