• jan@cosmigo.com

How do I grab all the visble layers as a single animbrush?


Is there a way to grab an animbrush with all the visible layers or even select multiple layers to be picked up when grabbing an animbrush. I’ve looked around and can’t find anything that says it’s possible. The only workaround is to flatten each layer one at a time then grab the animbrush.


I found it - it’s in the dropdown in the tool and pain settings window,
“Layers to merge”
I knew I had to be missing something super simple.


Hello there,

Sorry to dig up this topic but I have this same exact issue but I cannot find the option you are talking about.
Where are the tool and paint settings ? I’m unclear where to find these.



Nevermind I found it.
It’s in the settings window that opens when you use the brush tool.
Not sure if you were talking about the same option, but hey it works.