How to change project title?

Today I’ve dragged a PNG image in PM then saved it as a project. I soon discovered that although I’ve added various others layers, and renamed them all, whenever I reopen the project the original PNG filename show up in PM title bar, next the project filename (separated by a pipe).

I’ve tried to get rid of that image name but I can’t find anywhere a reference to the project title, not in the the project settings nor in the file properties. Since that filename keeps showing up even after closing and reopening the project, it seems to be stored into the project file somewhere. Is it so? have projects a metadata section?

Is it possible to change that? I don’t want to original filename to show up when I share the final project, for that was an internal use filename, not meant to be shared publicly.



Any idea on how to circumvent this @Jan?

It always shows the image file name that is associated with the frame. That means, if you save it under another file name it will use this to show. Internally the image (and animation file names) are stored with the project to allow easy re-saving.
Could make it an option to show the file names along with the project file name.

Could you expand on this, please?

What sort of implication is there in these associations with the project and the original images used?

For example, let’s say I have to work with a third party file as the starting image — e.g. the scanned image of an artist who hand-drew a character, which I now have to render in pixel art, or the photographic portrait of a real person or place, which I use as reference for my art work. What sort of traces of these original images will be left in my PM project file?

My concern regards sharing the PM project file publicly without sharing any data/metadata from the original images. Also, some time filenames contain information that should not be divulged in public projects (e.g. name of original artist, the person depicted in the photograph, etc.).

What I don’t understand is why these filenames persist after having deleted the layer on which the image was dragged and dropped on (for tracing).

If you load or save and image (can be every separate frame) then the full file path of this image is stored in the project file. If you delete this frame then the file name is dropped as well.
Also the animation file name last used to initially load or last time save is stored as well. No other meta data from those files is stored.
The main use case is to easily re-save modifications to image and animation files.