• jan@cosmigo.com

How to create BMF for none alphabets?


I finished making a syllabary set. I realized after, that the table map in the BMF primer only maps to alphabets. How do we do it with syllabaries?

While on the topic, how would we do it for Abugidas, Abjads and Logosyllabaries as well?

Workaround suggestions are fine. :slight_smile:


I have a todo on my list to add support for any type of character but I don’t think that it will be added very soon. Also I’m not sure if syllabary are supported by UTF-8 but you could at least define your own UTF-8-values for them.
I don’t really have a suggestion except of assigning them to normal characters like A, B, C… and use them individually.


Alright. Thanks for the reply Jan. :slight_smile: