How to fill considering the outline color?

I wonder if there is any kind of inteligent bucket tool that detects the color of the outline in the surface and then fills that surface using the next color on the same ramp that the outline is using. Is that possible at the moment? If no, that would be a interesting feature for the bucket tool. I like to create my arts firstly by single outlines and then filling the surfaces and I know more people that does the same, so I believe a filling tool that can deal with selective outline like that would be greatly appreciated.

This will be included with the next bigger release.
I’m currently reworking tools and the fill tool, magic wand brush pick up and magic wand selection will get a bunch of new options which will work the same with these three tools.
One of it will be “to stop on second color”. So it will fill until it reaches the color that is selected as second color.
Another option will be to stop on background color. This is today available for the magic wand brush pick up.

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