How to load 2 images on the same project properly?

Im trying to load an image on my existing project(not tilemap project) by pressing ctrl+v, but when I do it, it fills my entire canvas with a background color, messing all the existing images in the project. The image that im trying to paste has only 10x10, and it creates a background covering my entire canvas, that has more than 800px. How do I avoid this?

Since there is no floating selection (because in the works) I suggest to use menu Edit/Get Brush. You now have the image as brush.
If the color palette is not 1:1 the one of the existing image then you can import or remap the colors of the brush. Please see menu Colors/Import Colors from Brush or Colors/Remap Colors/Brush
You can also remap “Brush to Gradient” to be able to only make use of certain colors of the current color palette. Once your brush uses the desired palette colors because you imported them or simply remapped to the best matching of the current palette you can stamp it down where you want to.
Also see here:

But… there also seems to be a bug with Ctrl+V. Just tried to copy from MS Paint and only got an empty frame :tired_face:
Will check this. Usually it should just paste the image to the top left.

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Well that get brush+get pallete from brush is good enough to me, I ll probably make a macro for that combo on my 18-buttons mouse whenever I want to paste things from my clipboard.

Just clarifying things, when I just press ctrl+v to paste something on a opened project, this is what I get:
It pastes my clipboard stuff on top left, but it creates a entire curtain of background color(thats not part of my drawing) covering everything else that exists in my canvas, and then I lose all that. .

One last thing, when I click on get brush, from my clipboard, im getting the image lacking 1 color, as if one of those colors are set to be transparent. The color is my background color and is also the color of some of my selective outlines. I already have my own palette loaded and also my own gradient. I dont know what im doing wrong

Indeed by default the background color is detected and use to be transparent because it should be in most cases what you want, assuming that the background is defined in your project and thus you don’t want to carry background pixels around.
To suppress transparency when stamping you can use the paint mode “Replace” (menu Mode).
But what I don’t understand: how can it be the background color and used for outlines at the same time?
Are you using the background color is opaque color fill in the image/layer or do you use it in the background settings tab of the Layers window? I’d recommend the latter.

This is what im trying to paste on pro motion:

this what I get after using “get brush”+ “get pallete from brush”

Why my bright color is transparent? I just want to paste an image on my project and I dont find a single solution for that, that actually works for me. If I press ctrl+v it creates a aditional background behind the image, covering all the surface of my project so thats kinda useless for me, and if I use the “get brush+get pallete from brush” trick, its almost ok but always make one of the colors as transparent. I dont really understand how to simply put images exactly as they are without being altered somehow.:sob:

Can’t duplicate this. May I check this myself with your projects?
Send them to if you don’t want them to be public here.

Thanks for providing the files in the meanwhile. It’s indeed some bug. Need to examine this further and will of course fix it.