How to make regular straight lines?


I would like to make these regular lines automatically like holding shift while drawing the line or something like that. Is that possible? I searched on manual but I cant find anything about that.

This is not possible at the moment but on my list. I think it will be included with the next bigger release. Then the line algorithm will always favor equally segmented lines when one dimension is a multiple of the other.

Is there something you can suggest me to use as alternative for that purpose? Thats a really useful thing that I usually use on other software.

I suggest to create the segment you need, e.g. 4 pixels in a row and then use dotted lines like this:

You could also pick up complete lines as brushes, use flipping or rotation (keys: x, y, z) and place them in the brush container for reuse.
When you are drawing lots of lines with very different angles then this is of course not as slick as creating such lines directly but this approach can used for every graphic portion, not only single colored pixels.

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