How to move multilayered animated sprite/selection across canvas?

I’ve created several 8-directional multilayered animated sprites of my character, with different animations for each direction on a single canvas. But now I need to rearrange them according animation/direction/grid to make a proper sprite sheet, without flattening everything. Moving selection/brush at each layer and frame… is very time consuming.
Also animbrush is not a solution… =
What can I do to make moving my animated sprites across canvas less painful?

Welcome @Corthax

What you need is currently in the make. When done (and I hope it will work the way I want to include it) you are able to create a selection, move it on the canvas and depending on which layers you selected (multi layer selection will be added) the canvas contents move. This should then also work with selected frames on the time line, but this is not what you need with your case.

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