How to remap kb shortcuts for [select, edit] tabs in color palette window?

Hi guys,

There are times when i often need to switch between the ‘select’ and ‘edit’ tabs of the color palette window. And i can’t find in the shortcuts how to do this, nor the help file. Help?


PMNG ver.

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Added for 7.2.5


But… they are bound to that window. That means they only work if the palette window is active. Hope this makes sense.

Edit: Just thought of a toggle being better, because it’s unlikely then an additional area will be added there:

Or would be better to have all three (toggle + select tabs)?

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Ah, thanks Jan! :hearts:

Maybe some people would want both options to be available for them?
But personally, the toggle shortcut is enough for me.

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Yep this is another thing I wish I had a shortcut key mapped for.

I also think the toggle is all that’s needed.
Like Jan said, if a third tab was ever added to the palette panel then just a toggle would no longer be sufficient, but that’s a non-issue right now.

Your wish is my command :smiley:

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Hi jan,

I got a P.S. kind of request.

Could we have a “select Color Palette window” kb shortcut too?