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How to remap kb shortcuts for [select, edit] tabs in color palette window?


Hi guys,

There are times when i often need to switch between the ‘select’ and ‘edit’ tabs of the color palette window. And i can’t find in the shortcuts how to do this, nor the help file. Help?


PMNG ver.


Added for 7.2.5


But… they are bound to that window. That means they only work if the palette window is active. Hope this makes sense.

Edit: Just thought of a toggle being better, because it’s unlikely then an additional area will be added there:

Or would be better to have all three (toggle + select tabs)?


Ah, thanks Jan! :hearts:

Maybe some people would want both options to be available for them?
But personally, the toggle shortcut is enough for me.


Yep this is another thing I wish I had a shortcut key mapped for.

I also think the toggle is all that’s needed.
Like Jan said, if a third tab was ever added to the palette panel then just a toggle would no longer be sufficient, but that’s a non-issue right now.


Your wish is my command :smiley:


Hi jan,

I got a P.S. kind of request.

Could we have a “select Color Palette window” kb shortcut too?