How to save a color cycling image?

I tried .GIF. Doesn’t seem to work?

I want it to run in a browser.

I checked out images on the webz that has color cycling on it and they seem to be .GIF. So i saved it in PMNG as .GIF. But somehow, i did something wrong? I loaded the file into firefox and chrome and it’s just a static image.

I mean, sure, it’s just one frame. Understandably, that’s one of the definitions of a static image. But i thought the cycling of indexes is just supposed to work when you set and save it in PMNG.
What am i missing here?

Also, not sure if it’s normal, but is the toggle for color cycling supposed to turn off when you try to save the file?



Gif animations are sequences of images presented at intervals, but the Gif standard doesn’t support palette index cycling, so you’ll have to first convert your single image with cycling palette to an animation where each frame represent a step in the cycle.

I’m not sure which is the proper way to do that, since I haven’t tried it, but it’s documented here under " Create from Color Cycling":


and to you, thanks!

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Thanks for the reply.

I just realized there is a mode called “Color cycle” in the menu.

I searched high and low in the .chm file. And looks like google came out empty too.

Can someone explain how to use this mode? I’d prefer step-by-step. But if that’s too much of a hassle, some simple hints is fine too. :slight_smile:

@cageburner, I haven’t tried it myself, but from what I’ve read so far that menu should automatically do what you intended — i.e. create a multi-frame animation where each frame shows a different step of the palette cycle.

The only thing you must be aware of, in case of multiple cycling ranges, is that for this to work all cycles must coincide in their loop ends — e.g. if one cycle is 2 colours, and the other 6 colors, it’s fine because you’ll get 6 frames where the former cycles thrice and the latter once. But if you have odd numbers which are not multiples of each other that PM can’t create an animation where each cycle overlaps without disruption.

to export cycle color the only way is it…
1-merge down all the layers
2-animation menu–> create from color cycling–>yes–>yes
3-file–>save animation as… GIF

is there any other way without merge all layers???
or without use “animation menu–> create from color cycling”???
summarizing, what is the correct form to export cycle color??