If you save it as a GIF from PMP, the unused pallet is deleted

Thank you for the wonderful program.
When I open it by saving it from PMP to GIF, the unused color has been deleted.
How can I save the original palette without deleting it?

The Optimize Colors in the project setting is turned off.

Thank you…

Hi @Phisa,

can you explain in more detail what you are doing? Would also be great if you could add some screenshots.
You are using the latest release 7.2.7?


I think the video will be more effective, so I’m forwarding the produced video to YouTube.


The version currently in use is

Please understand that I am making suggestions through a translator because my English is not good enough.

Thank you.

Excellent description!

In the project settings you can find the following option:
This option checks, which colors are used and tries to save (e.g. 2Bit/pixel, 4Bit/Pixel…) which are special variations of the respective file formats and used to save space.

You can change this globally for all new projects in the preferences:

I think from the today’s point of view I should better disable this option by default.