Importing an image, color palette question

So when I import an image the color palette I have on screen vanishes and a new one is created. Is it possible to import an image and have the old colors stay on the palette and have the new ones added to it so I can build up a palette using images.

Thanks loads. I have the full version fyi.

You have a couple of images, each having a number of colors e.g. 8, 26, 53… and you want to import the images one by one and adding the colors to have all colors of all images in the color palette at the end? Please confirm.

Hi yes. So say I have one image and it has 6 colors. When I select another image they vanish and the color palette for that image appears. Is there a way to make it so that the old palette stays and the new image colors are added to it?

There are at least to ways…

Load as images

  1. create your project.

  2. Go to the layer where you want your images to be added. Click this icon:
    This will disable the global palette for this layer. So every frame will have its own color palette.

  3. Use menu File/Animation/Append single Images…
    Load the image files you want to have. Delete the first frame which is a leftover then and is empty. The images are appended after that frame. Now click that “G” sign again to make the layer use a single palette.
    The following dialog appears:

Select the option you need. “Optimized single Palette” will collect all colors from the frames and remap them to the new color table.

Import colors

  1. Create your project.

  2. Use menu Brush/Load Brush… to load an image as brush.

  3. Use menu Colors/Import Colors from Brush to add the brush colors to the palette of the layer.

  4. You will be asked if the brush should be remapped to use the frame color palette. Choose “yes”.

  5. Now you can place the brush into the frame.
    Or use menu Edit/Copy Brush… and then Edit/Paste Frame.

  6. Add another frame and go to 1. until all images are processed.

Hope this helps. In theory it should work :slight_smile:

Great thanks loads for the excellent response, i’ll try that right now.