Improve The CHM Help Doc

Ciao Jan,

I wanted to ask you if you could improve a couple of things with the inline CHM document. I think that CHM docs are really useful and easy to use, providing a quick way to look-up any topic of interest.

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve created my last CHM doc, so I’m not really fresh on the topic, but I noticed that there are two areas in which the Help doc usability could be improved.

1. Add TOC in Sidebar

The Help Doc shows a single entry (“Contents”) in the left panel (“contentes” tab). Usually CHM docs can be created to have a tree-structured navigation bar there, which makes it easier to find sections of the document — whereas currently one has to always go through the home page to see the full TOC.

2. Enable Bookmars

For some reasons, PM NG’s CHM Help doesn’t allow adding bookmarks to favourite topics. Usually this functionality is available in CHM files, but for some reasons not in this doc. Maybe it has to do with the project settings in the app you use to create the CHM doc.

These two features could improve the user experience of the documentation, and hopefully the shouldn’t be too hard to deal with (depending on the tool you use to create the CHM file, they should be easily handled via project preferences).


Ciao Tristano,

concerning TOC you are right. I was just too lazy to do this, but I should be finding some tooling that generates the TOC from the HTML link structure. This should do the job and keep me from managing the TOC by hand.

Didn’t know about the bookmarks feature. Will have a look at it. I added both to my issues list so that I don’t forget about it.