Increment scaling

Hi Jan,
will we have increment scaling soon? I for one could really use it. I’m having to import everything into another program just to scale it evenly, then import it back into ProMotion NG any help is greatly appriciated.

What do you mean with increment scaling?

a dialog that comes up when selected that asks you how much do you want to scale and or rotate an image or layer so you can scale and or rotate it exactly. thank you for your help on this matter

Basically you can pick up everything as a brush and rotate/scale.

Complete projects can be scaled with menu Frame/Resize…

After releasing 7.2 I will add the typical selection tool set that let’s you define a floating selection that can be moved, scaled (and later rotated, freely transformed). This should then work for single layers, multiple layers, single frame, multiple frames if everything works out the way I have in mind.

looking forward to it thanks Jan