• jan@cosmigo.com

Indicator line when re-ordering layers


Concerning the Layers Panel, Pro Motion doesn’t use an indicator line highlight where a drag and dropped layer will go when dropped. Standard stuff in a layer stack. I was surprised to find that Pro Motion doesn’t try to indicate where the layer will go when dropped.

Here I’m dragging “Layer 17” to go below “Layer 4”. Blue line confirms for me where it’ll go if I drop. I can be fast and loose, all I’m paying attention to is the blue indicator line.

When drag dropping layers in Pro Motion I do it much more carefully. I’m still not sure where exactly the “hitbox” is to make the layer go where I want, just try to drop exactly on the line between layers. Takes a few tries sometimes.


Wasn’t aware of that being a problem.

Available with 7.2.5 (pending maintenance update)