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Interface Icons


This suggestion feels a bit like sacrilege because Pro Motion’s ui icons have so much character and they’ve been with us for so long, but what if PM’s icons were revised to be simpler and more readable?
I think there’s a strong case to be made for improving PM’s overall user experience if the icon set currently in place was updated to more modern standards.

User interface theory and icon design are their own art form so this would require a pretty skilled hand. Would be quite a project.
But take a look at some of Photoshop’s simple silhouette greyscale icons, next to some of Pro Motion’s icons:


The right one looks better :grin:
I know what you mean and you are not the first one asking for this. Maybe along with the docking windows. Let’s see.


Hehe. Cool cool.
Well, not necessarily asking for it; just wanted to bring it up. You have much more important stuff to focus on.

But if you’re working on supporting different operating system DPI/ui scaling, it may affect icons. Might need them to scale up possibly, otherwise they may blur. Not sure . . .
I bet part of the reason a lot of modern software these days uses very simple icons is because they need to have multiple versions of every icon - multiple sizes, etc.

Just tested Photoshop at 200% ui scaling. Check out these big’uns:

(view at 1:1)

I can tell they were drawn using pixel-snapped vectors. Something I’ve done quite a bit of myself.
A good choice when multiple sizes are needed.