Is It Possible to Have Multiple Animation Timelines?


I have been animating in Pro Motion and I have been wondering if there is a way to have multiple animation timelines, perhaps one per layer if desired? This feature is the norm in software like Adobe Animate or Toonboom Harmony. While I know Pro Motion does not focus primarily on animation, it’s something that would be very useful, especially for trying to animate different parts of the same drawing on different layers (within one file) because they have different timing, which is what I’m trying to do. Anyone know how to do this in Pro Motion if it’s possible?

If it’s not possible, then I would absolutely suggest that it be added in some future update to the program.

Hello prestomcqueen, this is something that has been talked about often. No ProMotion NG does not have alternate timelines this being said ProMotion NG right now does have a hidden timeline if you press the“hidden” shortcuts Alt Gr + O, Alt Gr + P. They will allow you to advance or reverse by layer individual frames. Individual timelines are planned however there are not a ETA on them yet. But I have found the hidden shortcut timeline to be invaluable until then!

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