Is there a reason I can't assign the alt key to the pipette?

I would like to customise Pro Motion so that alt selects the pipette, but it doesn’t allow me to only select alt. Is there a reason for this, and is there a way around it?

I expect it’s because it’s a modifier key and Pro Motion handles them differently from regular keys.
Can’t assign Alt, Ctrl or Shift by themselves, only as modifiers for other key presses.

In case you don’t know you can use the colour picker modelessly by holding down Ctrl, but that seems to be a hard coded shortcut which can’t be changed.

Thanks for the reply, I feared it might be something like that. I was hoping to be able to match the same shortcuts of other graphics software I use, but it looks like I will need to relearn that one.

The problem is that all the other modifier keys like Alt/Shift have their special functions, too with certain tools.
I think it could be possible to offer a preference setting that swaps Alt with Ctrl if this is what you expect. But a free definition won’t be possible I’m afraid.

I’d love to see an option to assign colour picker to RMB so it can match GraphicsGale and Aseprite, as I rarely make use of RMB for BG colour.

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Really? I find it extremely helpful to use RMB modes (which is not only bound to draw with the second color). But adding such an option to the mouse button settings should be possible. I think I only need to add a shortcut based function that just picks the color under the mouse cursor. Then you can assign this to the mouse button you want (right, middle, extra 1, extra 2).