Issues with the rectangular selection

The beta looks promising and I was excited for the new tool for being able to select and modify several layers at the same time, but I’ve been trying it with both an already existing project and a new one. On the existing one, as soon as I move the selection and try to click away, everything on the selection disappears, no matter if I click away, try to reduce the selection, expand it or paint. On a new project I noticed that it makes whatever I drew extremely transparent.

Quick reply, I found out you can make it work by going into “edit - transform - free transform” it doesn’t matter if it’s before or after moving it as long this is made before clicking away after moving the layer or layers, which is kind of not ideal. In my opinion it should enter “free transform” by default when using this selection tool, as it would differentiate itself from the old selection tool (which I’m not sure if it’s going to be replaced by this new tool)

Hi @Iggman,

can you provide a kind of video link or animated gif? I still did not understand the problems exactly.


I think I know what it is. Are you using an alpha transparent project? There is a bug with alpha transparent projects when moving a selection, that leads to wrong transparency and thus could also make something using 0-alpha values for the pixels when the movement is finalized.

Yeah, I have the link here, yeah the work around is using the transformation tool on the edit menu.

Fixed with the next beta.