It's sad that Shortcut cycles are gone in v8


I used “Cycle grouped Tools with Main Tool Key Shortcut” usefully in previous versions.

But in v8, this feature is gone.

Will this feature be gone forever after v8?
Or do you have plans to add the feature back someday?
(I suddenly remembered, I think it’s might be good to cycle grouped tools with Shift + (tool’s shortcut) like Photoshop. Of course, we’d be more than happy if existing features were added back.)

If it’s not a big problem, Any solution, I hope it’s added.

Thank you all time!!

Hi @Kwak,

it’s not gone. It’s been improved. Just go to the shortcut settings and make sure that you enter the same shortcut for every tool you want to cycle through in a tool group:


That way you can better define which tools to cycle and which to skip.


When I checked again, Shortcut cycles work! Thank you very much, Jan!!