Kb shortcut save file inconsistency (solved for v8.b5)

TLDR: I cannot load shortcut configuration files after saving them in this version.

Before the beta, when saving a shortcut configuration, the file extension is .SCC only.

But i just found out that .STN is appended after .SCC, even though the program doesn’t say so.

So it’s name.scc.stn

It would’ve been a none-issue if only the popup window after clicking “load from file” allowed me to find .STN files. Currently, it’s only looking for .SCC files, not .SCC.SCN.

I’m sorry, imma express my emotion and opinion a bit:

  • I’m fairly sure it’ll be a terribly bad day if we couldn’t import kb shortcut files made in the beta version to the official ver.8 release.
  • If the next PMNG beta ver. could read and import .STN files when “load from file” is pressed, that would be cool

beta ver

Thanks for the report. Fixed with V8 Beta 5.

A wrong default extension was added (.stn). Can also be fixed manually by removing the “.stn” if you saved files and want to load them again.

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Thanks for the update and the fix suggestion, Jan!
That’s a huge relief!