Keyboard shortcut about "Reset playback limit"

I set a shortcut about Reset playback limit, but it doesn’t work.
And I want to use the F1 key as a shortcut. but It can’t be change “help” key.

Is there a workaround?

Disabling the Help shortcut would be nice.
In pretty much all software that I can, I turn off F1 as the help shortcut.
I feel like it’s out of date these days for F1 to trigger a help function.
F1 is too easy to press by accident and it’s a bit of a waste of an F key, in my opinion.

In Pro Motion, I use the F keys for brush modes. Works great.
F2 for normal painting mode, F3: erase mode, F4: selection mode, F5: tint, F6: multishade, etc in order of most used.

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It’s actually a Windows OS behavior because Windows creates a so called “help message” to be sent to the application and this just opens a help system:

I now changed this by hooking into the logic and doing those things myself.
I always found it to be helpful to have a key that opens context sensitive help in every application, so I did not worry about that key not being available for an individual assignment.
But now it’s possible to use it freely at the cost that hitting F1 (or another key that is assigned for context help) now does not open the context help of the shortcut settings dialog, because otherwise it would open that help topic instead of using your key press to assign it to another function :smiley:

Available with pending maintenance release (7.2.5)

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