Keyboard shortcut to select default brush with current size

I’m drawing with a rectangular default brush with size 32. Then I select a brush from my Brush Container and draw with that. Now I want to switch back to use default brush with size 32. I can’t find any keyboard shortcut to do this operation; I am currently either selecting the default brush with the mouse or using SHIFT+. to go back to rectangular brush size 1 and using SHIFT+PLUS/MINUS to set the size.

I can’t find a keyboard shortcut to select the default brush at the current size (32). Is it an available option or would this be a feature request?


Feature request :slight_smile:
But it is so simple to do that I just added it for V8 Beta 3.
You will then find a keyboard short cut entry called “Standard Brush Tip”

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Awesome! Thank you Jan!