Keyframing tutorial pls?

I was reading through the doc and i came across keyframes.
Basing on the doc, it seems like another powerful tool i’d really like to utilize as a part of my workflow when doing animations.

The problem is when i tried it, it’s not doing what i thought it would do as how i understood the docs once i press “Make Animation”. There’s this airplane-cockpit-like window UI which renders me with spiraly swirly eyes, too.

What i know about keyframes in one sentence are that - they are the basis frames to generate the images in be-tween frames.

As far as my google-fu goes, i haven’t found any tutorial regarding keyframe animation with PM at all.

So, for a novice like me, i think the topic seems to be wide enough to have it’s own whole video (or long post, if that’s your jam) about keyframing in PM.
Can someone who already utilizes this tool in our favorite pixel art swiss knife make one please?
@jan.cosmigo or some other good samaritan,
You have my forever gratitude!