Layer FX - Display other Project question

Being able to display another project on a layer is a really, really great feature. What I’m trying to work out though, is if I load a smaller project into a master project - am I able to edit that project from within the master project and have it update on the original or does it simply display the project (eg can’t be edited)? What I’m trying to do is load one project into another and then manually tweak the colours on both so that they can match/compliment eachother. I notice if I have both open and switch between the projects it updates the loaded project on my master project which is good, but really what I would like is to have control over both the master and the loaded projects on the one screen/project and be able to save both, so that I have very fine control over the colours. If I load a smaller project into my master project and it has a different palette, is there a way to control both palettes from the master project? Sorry if that’s a bit confusing…

The display fx only displays the pixels of the other project. There is no way for interaction.
I’d even have no idea about how to make both color palettes accessible at the same time in one project.
You could basically cross connect them so that they show the layers of each other. That means you also see the pixels of the master project (in a separate layer) within the other projects.

Thanks Jan, I thought that might be the case and that’s fine - I can still work with it :slight_smile: