Layer Solo Mode suggestions (resolved)

I like the current behavior of solo mode. Sometimes, while working with the file across sessions, I don’t want some layers to be visible yet.

At times, before closing the previous session, solo mode was toggled on, so only one layer is visible. After restarting, toggling solo mode again won’t bring the other layers visibility back up anymore.

This works well in the use case where the intention is to keep all those other layers hidden for the time being. But if only one layer is visible, and all others are invisible, then, doesn’t this qualify that we are still in solo mode and we can toggle it off?


  1. Open PMNG
  2. Create a bunch of layers
  3. In one of the layers, execute: Toggle layer solo mode
  4. Save file
  5. Restart PMNG
  6. in the same visible layer: execute toggle layer solo mode
  7. You’ll find that it doesn’t bring the other layers’ visibility back up.

If the suggestion/idea is tended, the routes to solve it could be:

  • There is a setting we could manage for solo mode
  • There is an additional solo mode feature. Something like “Absolute solo mode”. Where it forces all other layers to be invisible/visible no matter the previous setting.

win 7
PMNG ver.

I think this will be obsolete with 7.3 where you can select multiple layers (and have a “select all” function). This way you can toggle visibility for selected layers quickly.

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