Layering and colours interacting

Hi all, I’m a beginner in this kind of software so this might be a basic question…
I’m set up a layer to add a background colour to my project and whatever colour I choose interacts with the layers in front of it (it tends to turn the colour on top inverse). I havent had this problem with the other layers I have, they stack on top of each other (and they are fully opaque). I have tried to search for a solution but cant seem to find it…



Hi Jessica,
strange. Can you attach a screenshot or even the project itself?
Also, for defining a background color you can use the “Background” tab in the layers window.


From the description it sounds like your layer might have an overlay setting that is something other than ‘normal’ - there is a little dropdown menu just above where the layers are where these options can be changed. If you set it to normal it should appear as intended.