Learning about tiles in Pro Motion NG (setting up)

Good day

I got this software last weekend and I’ve been liking it so far, so i wanted to start testing tile sets and came across this video, which makes the process quite interesting.

so I wanted to know if there is a way to set this tool up to work like this, if not, which would be the best way to set up the project to create a tile-set?



you can create tile map projects with this option:

Also, if you have an existing image that you want to turn into a tile map project then load it and use menu Tile Mapping/Make Tile Map.

Hope this helps. If you have any more questions then please ask :slight_smile:


Hi, I’ve been trying out and was able to start working with tiles and using the symmetry tool which has been great, but I have a question, if when working on a tile set I choose one of the existing tiles from the tile library, the brush becomes that tile and I haven’t been able to revert back to the brush to a 1 pixel dot.

On this same topic, I haven’t been able to delete a tile from the library, it must be something silly but I appreciate any tip, thanks in advance

Ok, I found out that by resizing the brush, it reverts back to normal, but is there an easier way?

Reset t he brush to a single pixel brush by hitting the “.” - key.

Only unused tiles in the tile library can be deleted. Hold Shift and click with right mouse button on the tile to delete.

BTW I’m currently reworking the tile map engine a lot. Also the tile library will behave better then. You can select a tile and apply operations to it, e.g. “Del” key to delete. But the public release will still take a while.
Also the seamless real time tile drawing is then built in as well and tons of other changes and enhancements.


that sounds great, hope you can deliver it sooner than later, so far I am really digging this software.