Left click treated as right click

Every now and then this happens and I don’t know how to replicate it and the only solution is to reinstall, (or wait?)

It’s difficult to tell in the recording but most of the time I’m clicking around is all done with left click. But any left clicking in the magnify window or preview window is treated like right click. I’ve been trying to nail it down for a while but i can’t figure out a cause.

There is a key stroke that makes the LMB to work as RMB. This is when you hold “p”. If this problem appears again, can you please hit “p” and release it again. Is it gone then?

Pressing P did resolve this! kinda crazy that it remained active between reloads though. anyway, thanks for the work around. NOW, if only i could find the cause of the shift button not working…

kinda crazy that it remained active between reloads though
What does this mean? It should work like this that when you hold P then a left click does the right click. If your release P then left click is left click again. Does it work differently for you?

Another user posted a Shift lock problem:

Do you have such a mouse mentioned there? I still can not duplicate this and have no idea why it should not happen with older versions. Would even be interesting with which older version it’s working flawlessly.